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    This Explains Everything

    I’m really proud of this one guys


    The most beautiful deconstruction of the ‘left brain” “right brain” stereotype that I’ve ever read. 

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    "gays will push their sexuality onto their children"

    funny because that’s exactly what every straight person does.

    [macklemore ooh-ing]

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    Harry was the favorite kid and he wasn’t even an official part of the family

    Because Molly knows exactly how the Dursleys treat him. There’s no way Ron wouldn’t tell her. And Molly Weasley is a Mother. She gets a capital M because she is goddamn phenomenal at what she does. When she hears Harry Potter is on the train to Hogwarts in Book 1, her reaction isn’t to be starstruck. It’s to say “that poor dear had to come here all on his own.” Molly Weasley loves harder than anyone. She loves like it’s her sole reason for being. And when she hears there’s a poor boy who has never known love his whole life… how could she not?

    In Year One Molly Weasley knit Harry a Weasley family sweater and made him homemade chocolate so he would have something to open on Christmas DON’T TOUCH ME

    could I also just add that kids from abusive households tend to assume that yelling is directed at them and/or it heralds something bad for them so she’s making extra sure that he knows that this is not his fault and she’s not actually mad at him.

    Also look at his reaction, he tenses and looks to Ron and the Twins for support.

    OMG YES! I hate it when people yell at me and if you yell around me I always assume it’s because of something I’ve done.

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     I suppose in the end… they break my heart.

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    a ravenclaw inventing a spell like “ive enchanted this quill so that one dip in an inkwell and it will be able to draw from that inkwell until its out! no redipping!” and their muggle born friend just

    "a…pen.you literally just used magic to make a pen" 

    And then the muggleborn gives them a normal pen and they’re just like “how does it workOH MY MERLIN IT CLICKS” and they just spend the whole class clicking their pen

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    is an art, like everything else.
    I do it exceptionally well.

    I do it so it feels like hell
    I do it so it feels real
    I guess you could say I’ve a call.

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    It’s back


    this will always be my favorite

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    LETS  PLAY  M U R D E R.

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    • *Benedict finishes a question and everyone awwws*
    • Benedict:   *deep voice* Fuuuuck ooff.
    • Lady up the back:   Its an honor to have you tell us to fuck off *everyone cheers*
    • Benedict:   I'll just be mean from now on, everyone cheers me for it!
    • *The next person goes up to ask the next question question*
    • Benedict:   *deep voice* What the fuck do you want??
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    Breaking News [x]



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    Mark Gatiss and Martin Freeman, at the Olivier Awards — April 13, 2014

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  5. "Your relationships last about as long as a season of Sherlock!"

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    Even though she grew up playing football, shooting hoops and running races against all the boys in her neighborhood, U.S. 800-meter champion Alysia Montano never wanted to be thought of as one of them.

    As a result, she started wearing a flower behind her right ear to remind the boys they were getting beat by a girl.

    “The flower to me means strength with femininity. I think that a lot of people say things like you run like a girl. That doesn’t mean you have to run soft or you have to run dainty. It means that you’re strong.”

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    Happy 56th Birthday Peter Capaldi! [14/04/58] "I’d tell my younger self: worrying that you are crap is a waste of time. Worrying that you can’t do it is a waste of time. Worrying that you failed is a waste of time. No one cares. Just get on with it. I’d tell him to celebrate being different. In the end, my Glasgow accent didn’t matter. The fact I was different would provide me with the employment I’ve had.”

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